SPOT AntSpace HK3 V6

Plate Heat Exchanger

Specifications 1Set 1030KW 210 Rack Space
70,000 $/Package
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| Specifications


Specification Details For ANTSPACE HK3 V6

Product Overview  
Dimensions (l*w*h) (mm) 6058*2438*2896
Miner capacity 210 units -S19 Hyd. Series miner
Container certification China Classification Society Certification
Safety certification North America/Standards:NFPA 79:2021,UL 508A:2018 R8.21,
CSA C22.2 No. 14-18,ANSI/ISO 12100:2012
EU/Standards:EN ISO 12100,EN 60204-1
Operating power(kW) 1047~1050
PUE(Power usage effectiveness) 1.022(Excluding cooling tower)/1.036(Including cooling tower)
Input voltage and frequency 415V±5% 60Hz(North America)
400V±5% 50Hz(EU、Middle East)
Detailed Characteristics  
Shipping weight(T) 8
Operating weight (T) 12
Main switch of power distribution cabinets(A) 1200(North America)
1250(EU、Middle East)
Rated current(A) 952
Standard power(kW) 1049
Maximum power(kW) 1050
Rated current per Miner(A) 10
Inlet cable The inlet cables can withstand high-voltage of above 600V, with the following requirements per phase:
L1 single core cable 600kcMil(300mm²)x4
L2 single core cable 600kcMil(300mm²)x4
L3 single core cable 600kcMil(300mm²)x4
N Single-core cable 600kcMil(300mm²)x4
PE single-core cable 500kcMil(240mm²)x2
Connection interface(Cooling tower) DN125(GB/T 9119-2010 PN16 DN125)
Connection interface(Plate heat exchage interface) DN100(GB/T 9119-2010 PN16 DN100)
Flow rate(m³/h) >85
Quantity of ANTSPACE powered by one 2500kVA Transformer 2


Specification Details For Plate Heat Exchanger


Product Overview

Type Plate Heat Exchanger 
Dimensions(L*W*H)(mm) 775*480*1069
Material TI

Detailed Characteristics

Shipping Weight(KG) 379
Operating Weight(KG) 461
Connection Interface DN100(GB/T 9122-2010 PN16 DN100)
External circulation supply liquid temperature (℃) 0~30
External circulation flow rate (m³/h) 33~110
Internal circulation flow rate (m³/h) 100

| Points For Attention


1 Cooling tower is required to be placed on flat ground, horizontal degree (±1 degree).
2 The ground surfaced is required to be hardened and stable, able to withstand at least 14-ton load.
3 A 10-ton crane is needed for unloading ANTSPACE and cooling tower.
4 Add-on items such as stairs, transformers, cables, bridge racks and cable distribution boxes are not included in the delivery of ANTSPACE. BITMAIN team can provide design suggestions if needed.
5 Client needs to confirm the opening directon of container and it needs to face air-intake. Door on left is current design by defult.
6 Keep at least 2 meters of air in-take space around the cooling tower.
7 Altitude: ≤3000m. If the altitude is higher than 1000-meter, transformer and switch should be derated, the total power of ANTSPACE must be decreased by 1% for each elevation increment of 100 meters.
8 Operating temperature: -25°C to 40°C. Operating humidity: 10%RH to 90%RH. When the initial coolant temperature is below 20 °C, the internal circulation should be turned on to heat up the coolant to above 20 °C before starting the mining machine.
9 When the ambient temperature is below 5 ℃, the cooling tower can be switched to cold-dry mode.
10 Choose pure water or suitable antifreeze as coolant based on local climate conditions.
11 The suitable ambient temperature for ANTSPACE does not represent the suitable ambient temperature for mining machine.

| Purchasing Guidelines



1. The ANTSPACE HK3 is recommended to be used simultaneously with The ANTMINER S19 XP Hyd. and The ANTMINER S21 Hyd.

2. The pictures shown are for reference only; the final shipment version shall prevail.



1. Shipments will be scheduled on a first-paid-first-ship basis for orders on which BITMAIN has received full payment.

2. You are responsible for any customs delays or returned shipments due to a lack of proper documentation. It's highly recommended to be aware of local customs clearance policies and prepare all customs documentation ahead of time to avoid delays or unexpected costs.

3. Click here to download Certificates of Conformity and find additional information on customs clearance for BITMAIN products.



1. A 365-day warranty period is provided starting from the shipping date. BITMAIN will cover shipping costs when shipping a replacement unit within the warranty period.

2. The warranty only applies to the original purchaser who purchased the machine directly from BITMAIN. Once the miner is resold, warranty coverage becomes the responsibility of the re-seller.

3. If the user fails to use the product per the given instructions, specifications, and conditions provided or changes the function settings of the unit without BITMAIN's prior consent, BITMAIN will not be liable for any damage arising therefrom.

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